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The Sausage Shoppe Product List

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Award Winning and Signature Items

  1. Beef Jerky - a chewy snack stick. Available hot or mild. $6 packages. 17-time state and national award-winner.
  2. Bratwurst - 24 varieties available weekly from April to October. Ten varieties November to March.
  3. Fresh Pork Sausage - all pork, 7 varieties available. Must be cooked. Call ahead to order bulk sausage or fresh kielbasi without garlic.
  4. German Wieners - a beef and pork combination. Natural casings and spices. Fully cooked. Available plain, garlic, or with cheese. Thick Wieners and Cheese Wieners have  limited availability.
  5. Hickory Smoked Bacon - naturally smoked and dry cured. Available in a piece and sliced. Ends also available. Must be cooked.
  6. Kielbasi
  7. Leberwurst Pâté - all pork, a little onion, no garlic. Seven toppings to pick from. Twelve-time award winner. Available in a tree shape throughout the month of December. Order online!
  8. Soft Chew Jerky - a mild snack stick. Available hot or mild. $6 packages.

Shoppe Specialties

  1. Andouille - a spicy hot fresh pork sausage. 5 links per pound. Available frozen in 1-pound packages.
  2. Canadian Bacon - dry cured and hickory smoked. Must be cooked. Available in a piece and sliced.
  3. Cottage Ham - all pork. Dry Cured and hickory smoked. Not water added. Must be cooked. Also available double-smoked (limited availability).
  4. Fine Mettwurst - a rich sandwich spread. No garlic. Cold smoked. Ready to eat.
  5. Knockwurst - a beef and pork combination with heavy garlic. Fine ground. Fully cooked.
  6. Lean Ground Sirloin - 97% Lean beef. Always fresh, never frozen. Buy More, $ave More!
  7. Leberwurst - all pork, onions, no garlic. Fresh, smoked, smoked with speck, or in a ring. Pate - see above listing.
  8. Pork Loin and Chops - boneless pork trimmed for a superior taste. Must be cooked. Call for availability.
  9. Raw Beef - 100% Lean beef. An Old World delicacy. Always available frozen in a 1/2-pound vacuum-package.
  10. Ring Sausages - balogna, barley, rice, or liver. Fully cooked. Ring sausages available frozen. Order Balogna Ring 1 week ahead.
  11. Sheffler Ham - lean, boneless, not water added. Available sliced, thick sliced, quarters, halves, or whole. Ham hocks, ham bones (fresh and smoked), and ham salad are available on a limited basis. Sheffler Ham contains sodium tripolyphosphate.
  12. Slovenian Sausage - all pork, no sugar added. Fully cooked
  13. Slow-Roasted Beef or Pork - Freshly trimmed beef or pork that is cooked for 18 hours then finely shredded. Add your own sauce or seasonings or try Dink's famous BBQ Sauce. Available in 1-pound microwave-safe containers or 5-pound vacuum-sealed bags.
  14. Smokies - all-pork snack sticks. Our own recipes. Available small or large. 4 NEW flavors in 2016!
  15. Speck (Double-smoked bacon) - Naturally smoked and cured. Ready to eat. Available in a piece or sliced.


  1. Balogna - a beef and pork combination. Available plain, garlic, and with chives. Chive balogna is available the first weekend of the month. Piece Balogna is available the middle weekend of the month; please order 1 week ahead.
  2. Proski - a course ground blend of 95% lean pork and beef. Contains a hint of garlic. Piece Proski is available with 1 weeks notice.
  3. Sheffler Ham - see description under Shoppe Specialities
  4. Spiced Ham - a combination of 95% lean pork and beef. Mild tasting.
  5. Summer Sausage - a combination which is primarily beef and contains 95% lean pork. A soft salami. Plain or Garlic. Available sliced or in a piece. Ring Mettwurst has garlic.
  6. Loaves

Our all-homemade items are LOW in salt, fat and cholesterol,
and do not contain soy, nuts, nitrites, nitrates, MSG,
fillers, additives, preservatives, or any other chemicals.

If a product will not be eaten within 5 days, we strongly suggest freezing to preserve freshness and quality.