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Meat Processing 101 Illustrated

dancing pigs

This is "The Making of Sausage Illustrated".
Check out Meat Processing 101 for more detail.

pig boning meat Once the meat has arrived, it must be trimmed to be used.

This is referred to as "boning the meat".

pig by mixer The meat is then mixed. Often, it is a mix of beef, pork and several spices.
pig by grinder The meat is then further processed by grinding it into a pan or meat lug.
pig by chopper If a finer mix is needed, the meat is then chopped. This is used for Balogna and Wieners.
pig by stuffer The meat is then "stuffed" into a natural casing. Depending on the product, it can be a sheep or hog casing.
pig by smokehouse Most items are then smoked in the smokehouse for 4 to 72 hours, depending on the product.
pig by cooker Some products are then cooked in a hot water tank.

Bring out the band, the sausage making is all done for the day!

pig band