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Please call 216-351-5213
 to check on which flavor brats are remaining.
We no longer have all flavors.

Sausage Shoppe Brats are...

  • Fully cooked
  • Heat in 3-5 minutes
  • Made with Ohio beef and pork
  • Allergen-free*
  • Have a natural casing  
  • Come 5-6 per pound

*Whites and White Hots contain milk and eggs. Beer brats contain gluten.

Great for grillin'!

New Brat Flavors

  • Sriracha - All-lean pork with chili Sriracha.  Call for availability.
  • Yuengling & Cheddar - a blend of fine and coarse shredded cheddar cheeses and Yuengling lager

A sample of our finest!

2016 BratMeter

2017 Product Line

Call us or visit our Weekly Specials page to see which flavors are available each week!

  1. *Cajun - A lean, all-pork sausage with a blend of red, black and white pepper. Also contains garlic powder and onion. Has a nice glow. Water cooked. Available for Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day
  2. *Cherry Bomb - Hot Italian sausage base with crushed red pepper and tart and sweet cherries. Water cooked. Available for Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day
  3. Dave's - Mild Italian base with a splash of crushed red pepper.
  4. *Green Pepper & Onion - Mild and hot Italian sausage with fresh green peppers and onions diced in. All-pork. Water cooked.
  5. Jalapeño & Cheese - Diced jalapeños and sharp cheddar are blended together with lean pork.
  6. Sriracha - All-lean pork with chili Sriracha. Call for availability.
  7. Old Brooklyn - Crushed red pepper plus 90 heat cayenne with a mix of double ground black pepper plus single ground white pepper. 95% lean beef and pork.
  8. Smoked Andouille - Our hottest brat. A pork and beef combination with Italian spices and crushed red pepper. Fire extinguisher not included.
  9. Banana Pepper - a mild beef and pork combination with diced hot banana peppers.
  10. Double Cheese - All-lean pork with equal amounts of mild and sharp shredded cheddar.
  11. Garlic & Black Pepper - Heavy garlic and butcher's black pepper in lean pork.
  12. Garlic & Onion - Sugar free. Slovenian base of all lean pork with onion added.
  13. Honey Chipotle - A blend of 95% lean pork, honey and chipotle seasoning.
  14. Jack Daniels - Lean pork with 1 shot of 86-proof Jack Daniels whiskey per pound.
  15. Smoked - 95% lean pork with a mild blend of peppers. limited availability
  16. Wine & Gold - in honor of our favorite WORLD CHAMPION Wine-and-Gold basketball team, we've created this special brat: our award-winning Holiday Kielbasi blended with mild cheddar.
  17. Yuengling & Cheddar - all-lean pork blended with fine and coarse shredded cheddar cheeses and Yuengling lager.
  18. German - Mildly seasoned beef and pork combination with mustard seed. No garlic.
  19. Slovenian - Sugar free. All-lean pork with a hint of pepper, sage, marjoram, thyme, garlic.
  20. Sweet - Flavors rotate between Honey Garlic or Maple. Please call for the current flavor.
  21. *Traditional - All-pork sausage with a little onion and celery. Coarsely ground. Wisconsin-style. Water cooked.
  22. *White - Lean pork with milk, eggs, chives. Very smooth inside. Also known as "weisswurst" or "Bavarian wiener". Water cooked.
  23. Norm's Choice - He's the owner, it's his choice! Since the type varies by week, call ahead or check our Weekly Specials page to find out the flavor.

* Water Cooked brats are white in color.

Other flavors can be made by request with at least 1 weeks' advance notice and a minimum order of 10 pounds (approx. 50 links). Please call ahead of time for availability!