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Chef Anthony Bourdain Visits The Sausage Shoppe

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Anthony Bourdain, best-selling author and celebrity chef, visited The Sausage Shoppe on January 24, 2007, to tape a segment for a Cleveland episode of his Travel Channel program, "Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations." Bourdain and his crew spent a week in the greater Cleveland area, visiting many of the cultural and culinary delights.

Anthony Bourdain marvels at the assortment of Sausage Shoppe products in the display case

"Drive a few extra miles and go to The Sausage Shoppe instead of the supermarket," he advised in an article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Bourdain spent time, both on- and off-camera, with owner Norm Heinle discussing the Old World traditions that go into all the Shoppe products produced, and how such techniques are becoming a dying art. In addition to sampling--okay, a lot of sampling--of Shoppe products, Bourdain got to go behind the scenes to oversee the production side of things.

Anthony Bourdain and TV crew watch Sausage Shoppe owner Norm Heinle during production

"Some young kid from New York is going to come in and open a hip restaurant. He's going to be serving a twee little stack of German bloodwurst, warm, or headcheese with a toasted brioche and a little reduced sauce around it and he's going to get $29.95 for it. Meanwhile, the guy who has been making it all along is going to be forgotten, and that would be a terrible thing," Bourdain said in his Plain Dealer story.

Cleveland author Michael Ruhlman, who featured The Sausage Shoppe in a story he wrote for Gourmet magazine in August, 2006, was the inspiration for Bourdain's visit to the North Coast. In addition to The Sausage Shoppe, Bourdain visited such Cleveland culinary landmarks as Michael Symon's Lola restaurant, The West Side Market, Sokolowski's University Inn and Hot Sauce Williams.

L-R: Al Heinle, Carol Heinle, Renee (Heinle) Close, Anthony Bourdain, Norm Heinle

The Cleveland episode of "Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations" aired August 27, 2007 on The Travel Channel as part of the second half of Season 3 of the series. Rebroadcasts continue to be shown periodically on The Travel Channel. Want to know more about the visit and what was featured on the show? Visit our No Reservations FAQ page.