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Makers of Award-Winning Products since 1938

Meat Snack Sticks judged Grand Champion, Leberwurst Pâté judged Reserve Champion, Dave's Loaf and Beef Jerky judged First Place - 2017 Ohio Association of Meat Processors Product Competition

We are permanently closed.

Thank you for being our customer!



Dear Friends,
Thank you for an overwhelming Good Bye.
There are no words to express our gratitude
for your well wishes, cards and gifts.
It's more than we could ever imagined.
Thank you for being our customer!


We are Retiring!

Norm and Carol, all of The Heinle Family,
and our Employees say
 Thank YOU for being our customer
during the last 80 years.

We are SOLD OUT.

The Sausage Shoppe closed on Friday, March 30, 2018.
 It  was the last day to pick up your order.

We have nothing left to sell. Thank you for your understanding

Thank You for sharing your lives with us.

We will miss you! 

All homemade Sausage Shoppe recipe items are low sugar, low fat and low cholesterol, lower in salt and do not contain eggs*, milk products*, soy, glutens*, nuts, nitrates, MSG, liquid smoke, fillers, additives, preservatives, or any other chemicals. If a product will not be eaten within 5 days, we recommend freezing to preserve freshness and quality.

*ALLERGEN INFORMATION: Our Beer Bratwursts and Barley Sausage each contain glutens. Our homemade White Bratwurst contains eggs and 2% milk. Cheese is sold in the store and sliced meats may come into contact during slicing or handling.

Mission Statement: To provide our customers with a fresh, high quality and healthy product line by producing and selling hand-crafted, chemical-free products while achieving a high level of customer satisfaction and service.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to our license and food inspection classification, we are unable to ship orders. They must be picked up at our retail store.

4501 Memphis Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44144-1912
Phone: (216) 351-5213
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